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Outside Sales Representative / Business Partner in Colorado and Wyoming

ECS ( is looking for our next business partner / sales professional.  The initial phase of this position will be to continue the expansion of ECS products and services into the Colorado and Wyoming markets.  The second phase will see the business partner / sales professional take on a sales managing role within the company by expanding our sales force and increasing the products and services we offer our clients.  The third phase will see the business partner / sales professional taking on responsibilities of managing all aspects of the company, from sales to operations.  The final phase will be taking over the managing ownership role in the company.  During the final phase is where the business partner / sales professional will use the skills and relationships they've developed to take the company into the next generation.


*A drive to own your own business and break free from the traditional corporate job.  Do you want to be involved in the decisions directly related to how a business performs on a daily basis?  Are you tired of working on meaningless reports to upper management or meetings where you churn the same old topics over and over again?  Do you want every decision you make on a daily basis to impact your life?

* Are you comfortable with new technologies and do you want to spread the word about better ways to do things?  Do you want to bring solutions to customers and help solve their problems?  

* 10-15 years of successful experience working with technical products and developing customer relationships.

* A desire to work in a position where your earning potential is only limited by your desire to work and your imagination.

* A desire to connect with people and enjoy those relationships as they grown throughout the years.

* An understanding of good personal financial management.  As a business owner managing the company's financials as well as your personal finances is extremely important.  A desire to be 100% debt-free is very helpful.  For the right candidate it wouldn't take too long for this to be achieved.

What does ECS Offer our Customers?

  • Valves, Actuators and Accessories.  ECS carries valve products which create solutions to our client’s problems.  Below are just a few of the great valve products we represent.

    • DSS Valves ( – Severe Duty Shear Gate Valve.  Need to flow rocks, pulp, slurry, waste, hold a vacuum or many other challenging types of applications while providing a zero-leakage valve solution?  DSS can deliver.

    • ValvTechnologies ( – Metal Seated Ball and Gate Valves.  Need an Isolation Valve for High Temperature, High Pressure, Slurries, Abrasive Materials or any other challenging fluid?  ValvTechnologies is the leader in the industry of tough applications.

    • Trimteck Control Valves ( – Engineered Severe Duty and General Service Control Valves for Process Control

    • Easytork Actuators (

    • VAC Positioners and Accessories (

    • Many other valve companies

  • Flow-Tech Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems (  Flow-Tech is an emerging technology which is set to explode in sales and applications.  The current market timing for the Flow-Tech systems has never been more ripe with opportunity and business factors driving our customers to reduce their chemical consumption, save water and save the environment.

    • Prevent Scaling in Pipelines, Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers, Wastewater Lines, Heat Exchangers, etc

    • Prevent Bio-Growth in Pipelines, Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers, Wastewater Lines, Heat Exchangers, etc

    • Increase cycles of concentration in cooling towers and evaporative condensers to save water

    • Eliminate chemicals and their distribution systems 

  • Reymsa Cooling Towers ( – All Fiberglass Cooling Towers.  No more corrosion, easy assembly, combine with Flow-Tech to increase cycles of concentration and save money, easy maintenance, no leaks, next stage of cooling tower technology.

If this opportunity seems like a good fit for you, please reach out to  Please provide some background on yourself and why you’d be interested in talking with us.

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