Outside Sales Representatives in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico

Engineered Capital Solutions was developed with three entities in mind; the customer, the manufacturer, and the employee/partner.  You'll initially join us an employee and as your journey progresses you will become a partner in the business with the intent of you owning the business when the current management retires.

Have you wanted to own your own business?  Do you have a passion for customer service?  Do you want to break the chains of the corporate world and work at a company where you set your own goals?  Are you capable of learning on your own?  Do you have the drive to manage your own time and priorities?

Skills Required for the Position:

  • A good understanding of personal finances.  We recommend either being debt-free or working towards this goal.  A good place to start is Dave Ramsey's (www.daveramsey.com) philosophies on money.  This position is a 100% commissioned position without limits on your earning potential, but it will require financial discipline as well.

  • You have to enjoy helping people.  We are a people oriented business and must maintain relationships with our customers as well as our vendors.

  • Mechanically/Scientifically Minded.  The products and services we sell are technical in nature and require an understanding of how the product works and how the product fits into the customer's system.

  • A passion for customer service. It must be a priority to you that the customer is satisfied with our services and products.  

  • Willingness to travel overnight on a regular basis. 

  • Willingness to work until the job is done.  

  • Ability to see the long-term view.  What you're doing today will pay dividends in the future.


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